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First Floor,
61 Compayne Gardens,
West Hampstead,
NW6 3DB, London,
United Kingdom.

    This event starts at 6.30pm, Saturday, 29th June 2019 and will cover a variety of wines and a few exercises focusing on developing your intuitive senses.


    The event brings about my passion for wine and my strng intuitive abilities!

    • Learn about wines from different regions in the world.

    • A range of white and red wines from different regions and understand how regions impact the wine etc.
    • Learn how to tune into your psychic senses and how they work for you.
    • Practice using your senses to give readings with wine glasses.
    • Recieve a reading and learn how to understand and interpret their energy and your meaning behind what information you sense.
    • Develop spiritually.

    All levels welcome and if you dont drink wine, you will get a reading using a non-alcoholic beverage but you can learn how to read others.

    Nibbles will also be provided (olives, dough balls, pizza etc).

    Starts at 6.30pm, please feel free to arrive from 6.20pm and no earlier. You must make payment to confirm your space (see below).

    I: "Had so much fun!"
    S: "I had a really enjoyable night, very relaxed and good vibes. Thank you Mahesh and everyone there. See you at the next one."
    H: "Had a really lovely eve - thank you look forward to the next one!"

    Beside having a passion for wine, I am a professional Intuitive, Transformational Life Coach and mentor. http://www.maheshgordhan.com and I have many years in these types of events. If you have any questions, just text or call me on 07810182010

    “Mahesh has a way of accessing & relaying information that is beyond what the human mind can rationalise.”
    “A remarkable person who has the gift to transform and empower those who encounter him”
    “The thing that I appreciate most about Mahesh and his support is that he is honest with you.”

    The cost for the meetup is £17.50. Payment can also be made in cash or I have a card machine, however places are limited to 14 and therefore IT IS ADVISABLE to secure your place.


    Apt B, 61 Compayne Gardens, NW6 3DB.



    Wine Tasting and Wine Glass Readings Night