Having a difficult time or just curious about life, then get a psychic consultation with Mahesh Gordhan.


Mahesh Gordhan is an extraordinary psychic and clairvoyant who has many years experience. He is well known and clients all over the world ! He can give you peace of mind, confidence and hope in what the future may hold and also work with you to understand the blockages in your life. Mahesh is a psychic and medium, who works with spirit and can often pick up on loved ones that have passed over, bringing his clients a profound sense of well being, along with answers to their questions.


There is quite a bit of information during a session and Mahesh can record the session if you wish. After the session, you will receive an email that enables you to download the recording and listen to it again at anytime.


He does face to face session, skype, telephone, messenger and many other ways to suit.

Client Testimonials

“Mahesh has a way of accessing & relaying information that is beyond what the human mind can rationalise.”
“A remarkable person who has the gift to transform and empower those who encounter him”
“The thing that I appreciate most about Mahesh and his support is that he is honest with you.”
“His deep level of care and concern is unlike anyone I have ever encountered”


Other payment options dependent on each country are also available as well as concession prices available also - just ask : contact@scuniversal.com :

Psychic/Clairvoyant Consultation (upto 90 minutes)