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The Tizerk

A Tizerk would be best described as a “hybrid” between an animal and a plant existing in another dimension (i.e. not seen physically) and provides all things with a consciousness and an opportunity to transmute negative energies into positive energies.


Main Purpose

Its main purpose of existence is to transmute negative energies (other than anger) into positive and calming energies. The Tizerk effectively establishes a symbiotic relationship with a Member (this may even be an animal or a plant) and undertakes its purpose by processing a Member’s negative energies into positive energies. This could be considered similar to trees or plants which take CO2 from the environment and convert it back to oxygen.


The Tizerk establishes the lowest or densest frequency energy in the Member and dissolves this. This of course means, that where a Member has what we would consider positive energy, it would transmute that into a higher frequency. As such, it can also assist a Member to enhance their positive aspects too!


As the Tizerk transmutes the negative energies of the Member, it transforms them into positive energy for the Member and throughout the universe. Generally, there is one adult Tizerk per conscious being, however in some cases, there may be two Tizerks per conscious being, but this is extremely rare and requires an abundance of negative energies. Tizerks transmute negative energy at a relatively constant rate, and therefore, sudden build ups of negative energy will dissipate over a period of time.


The Tizerk grows itself in a complex number of ways. This can be from the negative energies received from the Member but also negative energies in the atmosphere itself. However, its sole purpose is to leave its symbiotic Member in a more positive state in every moment. If it is not provided any energy, the Tizerk effectively remains dormant. If can also remain dormant in a Member, if the Member who initially provided that Tizerk to the Recipient has instructed it to do so; although this is very unlikely.


Tizerks come in a mature (or adult) form and also immature form. Mature Tizerks produce immature Tizerks at an average rate of 3 per every 6 months, however at times and depending on its environment, a Tizerk may produce more immatures (up to 10), although this is extremely rare. Upon an immature being produced, it takes approximately 3 months before an immature Tizerk can undertake processing of low vibrational energies.


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