S C Universal                   

First Floor,
61 Compayne Gardens,
West Hampstead,
NW6 3DB, London,
United Kingdom.

    Means you don’t need to learn the “how" to read the Akashic Records.


    Provides a way of overcoming your blockages to live an empowered and free life. It includes:

    • 1 hour one to one consultation

    • 2 hours for written Development Plan (5 pages)

    • ½hr Development Plan Review on a 1 to 1 basis


    Normally $US347 but an special price of $US217.

    Option for three monthly instalments or concessional prices but please contact info@scuniversal.com for further information.


    Please contact info@scuniversal.com for booking details.


    All prices are in US dollars although payment in British pounds (GBP) and exchange rate of 1.3USD per GBP.

    Special Akashic Records consultation with a tailored Individual Development Plan

    £267.00 Regular Price
    £167.00Sale Price