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The Snow Moon is on 27th February and brings about an opportunity to clear and change our energies. The Snow moon (or sometimes called the Storm Moon) in February is mentioned in several sources. This is the month reflects the most snow in North America and hence the name. , and it is time to start preparing for the spring as winter is coming to an end soon. 


From an astrological perspective, the Virgo-Pisces axis governs one's life versus soul mission, which is especially important to keep in mind during this lunation. In the meantime, consider this your cosmic cue to sort out your priorities and pull yourself together, because 2021 did not come to play. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the chaos stemming from the current transits, you're not alone. The good news is, you're about to end the month on a healing note.


Under this full moon you, as with many of the full moons, you can release energies that have stopped you completing tasks and easily then go on to be diligent until the task is completed. It’s important to also recognise that essentially winter in coming to an end although in North America, this is the snowiest month.


Since you are clearing out energies, you can bring in new energies in place nd these will flouish in spring. It will assist you in increasing productivity and achievements. It will also assist you working with others to accomplish a common goal quickly and efficiently. It will assist you to overcome the tendency to procrastinate and how you can really start working if you want to make your dreams a reality.


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Snow Full Moon Guided Meditation

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