This meditation focuses on cleansing and activating your Throact Chakra which can be the core reason for many issues in  a person's life.



The seven chakras are core energy centres. You’ll find them all throughout your body, from the crown of your head to the bottom of your back.


The sacral chakra is the second chakra. It is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. Its element is water and as such, its energy is characterized by flow and flexibility. The function of the sacral chakra is directed by the principle of pleasure. Let’s have a look at this energy centre’s basics, including its location, colour, symbol, potential signs of imbalance, and what to do heal your sacral chakra.


The sacral chakra is associated with the realm of emotions. It’s the centre of our feelings and sensations. It’s particularly active in our sexuality and the expression of our sensual and sexual desires.


Motivated by pleasure, it’s the driving force for the enjoyment of life through the senses, whether it’s auditory, through taste, touch, or sight. Opening your sacral chakra allows you to “feel” the world around and in us. As such, it’s an important chakra at the foundation of our feeling of well-being.

The second chakra is instrumental in developing flexibility in our life. Associated with the water element, it’s characterized by movement and flow in our emotions and thoughts. It supports personal expansion and the formation of identity through relating to others and to the world.

Imbalance in the sacral chakra can manifest as:

· Dependency, co-dependency with other people or a substance that grants you easy access to pleasure

· Being ruled by your emotions

· The opposite: Feeling numb, out of touch with yourself and how you feel

· Overindulgence in fantasies, sexual obsessions

· Or the opposite: Lack of sexual desire or satisfaction

· Feeling stuck in a particular feeling or mood


This Affirming Meditation with additional information shown in the "Free Stuff" of this website will assist you to living a more joyful life!

Sacral Chakra - Affirming Meditation (Guided) for Cleansing and Activation