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    Develop Your Remote Viewing and Psychometry Abilities

    Participants Feedback from past sessions gave an average score of 4.8 out of 5 (95%)! - see chat at bottom for details.


    A special offer of a significantly discounted (1/2 normal price) one to one consultation for only £45 (worth £90) post course to assist you in your development. Concession prices available - please email me.


    Ever have a dream where you see something and then it happens later. Maybe get a feeling about something and then you see it? Essentially you are tapping into energies that you can't see or touch. This workshop focuses on two methods of reading energies and thereby gaining a better understanding the "jigsaw puzzle of life".


    Remote viewing has been used by the US military for many many years! The methodology used in this is very grounded and easy to pick up. There will be loads of examples and plenty of opportunities to build your own abilities.


    This will enable to keep tabs on family and friends!




    In this 6 1/2 hour workshop you will:
    • Gain a greater understanding the different abilities
    • Actually understand how remote viewing and psychometry works
    • Learn the barriers to developing the abilities
    • Get a demonstration of the abilities
    • Learn to use and practice your own abilities (most people are amazed how they can easily do it)
    • Meet other like-minded people (to ensure ongoing practice)


    Your will receive a folder with detailed reference material.


    Duration and Schedule
    The session is 11 am to 5.30 pm and a delicious lunch is provided from 1pm - 1.30pm. Please email me if you have any specific dietary requirements.


    The Meetup is hosted by me and I have many years in these types of events. If you have any questions, just text or call me on 07810182010


    “Mahesh has a way of accessing & relaying information that is beyond what the human mind can rationalise.”
    “A remarkable person who has the gift to transform and empower those who encounter him”
    “The thing that I appreciate most about Mahesh and his support is that he is honest with you.”
    “His deep level of care and concern is unlike anyone I have ever encountered”


    £60 (includes lunch, tea, coffee and folder) and Early Bird price of £55.


    Concessions prices available. Early Bird price f paid by 23th February - use promo code EBIRD7


    Remote Viewing & Psychometry Workshop