Are you interested in a course on develop your psychic/clairvoyant abilities and talk to your guides and angels?

Over 100 participants to date and they have rated this course as 97% out of 100%! In addition to the course, additional elements included in this course are:

1.  Course folder and written reference material

2.  1/3 price on all products on

3.  Free access to my personal library of spiritual books (more than 200 books)

4.  Half price one to one session with me to get you development really moving!



EVERY ONCE IN awhile, you get the feeling that the phone is going to ring... and it does. Or you know who it is that is calling... and you are right. A song is playing in your head; you turn on the radio, and there it is... the same song. You are overwhelmed; somehow, with the feeling that a close friend or relative is in trouble or needs your help at that moment... and you soon learn that is actually the case. There are a range of psychic and clairvoyant abilities with more and more people starting to develop them. It’s available to everyone. Some examples are:

• Clairvoyance: clear seeing 

• Clairaudience: clear hearing 

• Clairsentence: clear feeling 

• etc





In this 7 1/2 hour workshop you will: 


• Understanding the different abilities with focus of development of psychic ability and clairvoyance (it’s easier than you think!) 

• Learn the barriers to developing the abilities 

• Get a demonstration of the abilities 

• Practice your own psychic abilities 

• Meet other like-minded people (to ensure ongoing practice)


Duration and Schedule 

The session is 11 am – 6.00 pm (lunch at 1.15pm and a break at 3.30pm. Please email me if you have any specific dietary requirements for afternoon tea.


Feedback from the participants who have attended many of the previous Psychic/Clairvoyant Development Courses so far have scored it an average score of 4.8 out of 5!



"The workshop was very rewarding. I learned so much about my abilities. I also met great spiritual friends. Mahesh teaches great. I would love to do more workshops. Great energy too in the group"

“Mahesh has a way of accessing & relaying information that is beyond what the human mind can rationalise.”

“A remarkable person who has the gift to transform and empower those who encounter him”

“The thing that I appreciate most about Mahesh and his support is that he is honest with you.”

“His deep level of care and concern is unlike anyone I have ever encountered”


Check the presenters extensive experience on his



£77 and if you do not wish to make payment online, please email me on 


If you wish to take advantage of the Early Bird price and pay by 20th February and get £10 off!  Please use promo code "TEN OFF".


If you wish to take advantage of the special for two people attending, then is is £100 or £50 each!  Please use promo code "TWOSP".


Concession price are available. Please email me.



First Floor, 61 Compayne Gardens, West Hampstead, NW6 3DB

It's my new place which new place and has amazing energy and the lounge is 8 x 4.5 metres so plenty of space!

Psychic/Clairvoyance Development Workshop

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