1.  Introduction


The Mirror Cube® has been established based on a number of years I have been dealing with people being possessed by entities, unwanted/negative spirits and demons. I commonly refer to the group of entities, unwanted/negative spirits and demons as salient energy forms or “SEFs”.  


To remove the initial SEF, you are likely to need a person who specialises in this type of work. The removal of an SEF can be done in person and it can also be done remotely however this depends of the abilities of the person undertaking the work.


In simple cases of entities, having a person undertaking an energetic healing on you (e.g. Reiki Healing) it will simply push out the entity, however it needs to be disposed of other it may reenter you or lodge themselves in someone else close to you. When considering this process, ask questions and trust your instinct even if you know very little about the subject – it’s important to get this issue fixed properly.


SEFs all have an intent to undertake negative based actions which prevents a person (its host) from being free and joyful at some level. The ability for SEFs to cause harm is dependent on the power of the originator. In some cases with SEFs, the originator may be trapped in a dimensional realm (i.e. passed over) that prevents them moving to the light and after the removal of the SEF (e.g. an entity), the originator is likely to “come and visit” and say thank you.

If the originator (or sender) is still alive, then he or she may well continue to develop and send SEFs and this is where a mirror cube is required.


The Mirror Cube®

The Mirror Cube® is treated like an extension of a person’s energy and as such the method by which a person becomes protected. The mirrors have an ability to reflect the person from being attacked by a new SEF i.e. the person does not become a unwilling host. The crystals used in the mirror cube are:

  • Obsidian: Reduces negative energy and protects
  • Clear Quartz: Cleanses negative energy away
  • Rose Quartz: Energy soft and gentle love energy
  • Green Aventurine: Emits “harder” than Rose Quartz


The crystals have been cleansed and charged to ensure magnification of the crystals’ energies.


How to Use it

To have an extension of us within the Mirror Cube®, I use a small amount of a person’s hair and taped this inside the cube. More than one person’s hair can be used and therefore a group of people can be used. Put it in a place where it won’t be disturbed or moved once you have activated it. It can be anywhere!


Full instructions on it and activation of it will be provided with the mirror cube.

Mirror Cube for Protection