The purchase of the Hunter Full Moon guided mediation will provide you a download link which provides more information on a Hunter full moon guided meditation and a link to download the guided meditation to support you on accessing the amazing energies of the Hunter Moon.


In addtion to purchasing the Hunter Moon, you will recieve a bonus remote Reiki Healing.  Information on the healing will be automatically be email to you within two days of the 31st October.




The Hunter moon on 31st October brings about an opportunity to clear and change our energies. Hunter's moon (or sometimes called the Harvest Moon) in October is mentioned in several sources as the Anglo-Saxon name for the Full Moon of October. This is the month when the game is fattened, and it is time to start preparing for the coming winter. Traditionally, this included hunting, slaughtering and preserving meats for use in the coming winter months.


Spiritually, the Hunter Moon is about capturing your dreams. October of 2020 is a month in which you need to get up, get going, and grab your goals full force. It is not about planning, gathering, reflecting. You've already had time to do that in previous months, and now you are in full Hunter mode.


How is this so? The moons gravitational impacts on bodies of water e.g. oceans represent 70% of the water! Our body contains 60% water therefore a full moon’s impact is significant. The moon can be an opportunity to clear and rebalance much if you use it correctly. It can increase your positive energy or conversely, it can wreak havoc on your emotions if used in the wrong way. The moon has the potential to have a great impact on our energy, you must be in a calm state of mind to receive a positive effect. Its well know that there is higher levels of violence around the moon time. Remember that whatever is going on in your body and mind will be amplified.  If you are angry, you will feel angrier or if you are happy, you will feel happier. During the full moon, the ocean swells and emergency rooms have more patience. The energy is very powerful so it’s important to direct it with positive intention.  Crazy energy as well as loving energy will be intensified. Knowing this is a huge opportunity for your emotional and spiritual growth.


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