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    This two day Intensive Spiritual Development Programme is being held in Glastonbury; the Heart Chakra of the world.


    Life can be difficult, yet through accessing a range of spiritual tools, you can live a joyful life. You may:

    • Be trying to find your purpose
    • Be struggling with your personal relationships
    • Have money blocks and financial issues
    • Want to create or improve your business and career path
    • Want to develop your spiritual self
    • Generally just want more out of life


    The Amazing Programme

    This programme will assist you to really open your innate abilities and actually practice them so that you become comfortable with using them. Above all, the amazing energies in Glastonbury will really assist you to raise your vibration making so much more available to you. It will help you to find answers and to heal so that you can move forward with certainty.  You can create the life your soul desires and the transformation doesn’t have to take long!


    Your soul has a unique mission, and by accessing your innate abilities you can not only uncover that mission but be given clear, tangible guidance for how to fulfil it. The programme will give you tools to provide you with clarity in your life and also assist you to remove your blockages. This workshop will help you tap into your highest soul potential, access your divine guides, and show you how to create the life you desire.  By accessing your true self you can:

    • Learn HOW TO develop your abilities and understand the barriers to them
    • Practice your own psychic abilities to gain more confidence
    • Raise your energy vibration to increase your healing powers
    • Open your heart to receive the support you need to follow your soul’s path
    • Understand the relationships in your life, the gifts they hold, and how to heal them
    • Receive tools to understand and release the karma that is keeping you stuck in old patterns
    • Learn how your past lives affect this life and what you can do to shift that old energy
    • Develop an understanding of yourself and enable you to clearly establish your boundaries
    • Gain clarity around the creative steps you need to take next
    • Meet other like-minded people (to ensure ongoing practice)
    • Receive a discounted one to one session to really get your development going.


    Glastonbury Sights

    The programme includes a visit to Chalice Well, The Tor, The Abbey and Glastonbury town (with its numerous spiritual shops).


    For full information details (full course details, accomodation, travel etc) copy and paste this into your browser http://bit.ly/Glastonbury_2020

    Intensive Spiritual Development Programme in Glastonbury