We are all in a very unique time and the lock down is affecting people in different ways. You may be suffering from stress, loss of direction, low motivation or just feeling closed in. If so, then meditation can really make a massive difference!


You may be:

·  new to meditation or not sure how to meditate

·  struggling to achieve great meditations

·  wanting to expand your meditation skills


I can assist you with meditation!


My unique ability to tune into you at a deeper level can get to the root cause(s) and provide you with tools AND support to use meditation to change your life.


I have already helped thousands of people! 


I have a range of special offers for people at all levels when it comes to meditation and this is the purchase of the Advanced Meditation Package (Four weekly sessions of guided meditations accessing your inner child and past lives).


I will contact you with within 24 hours of the purchase to set up a time date date for the session.

Advanced Meditation Package

£117.00 Regular Price
£99.45Sale Price