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Soul Rebirth (3 sessions)

Dissolve your karma through a tried and tested spiritual programme.
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Soul Rebirth (3 sessions)

Time & Location

09 Jan 2019, 19:00 – 21:30
NW6 3DB, Compayne Gardens, London NW6 3DB, UK

About the Event

SOUL REBIRTH ©: Rebirth of YOUR SOUL (not your rebirth in this life) can lead to a massive shift in conscious awareness. We will work towards connecting with your Soul Mother and this is split over three sessions on a fortnightly basis.

Background Information

A “Soul Rebirth” is the most powerful experience a person can have whilst in the third dimensional plan. So what is a Soul Rebirth? You incarnated as a soul from a “mother/father soul” and at this time, this is the purest state of existence there is. The purpose to undertake a Soul Rebirth is to remove any karma that you are carrying not only from this life but all lives. Not only will it undertake to remove karma, it will undertake or assist you to remove any elements in your Mind, Body and Soul that is dragging your vibration down.

This will certainly take a person to a very high vibrational and a person should ensure that they are conversant with the increased level of awareness and sensitivity that can possibly result of moving into a space of higher vibration. A person is recommended to focus on the three elements overtime (six weeks) and it is suggest that the techniques gained in each session is practised over a two weeks prior to commencing the next session.

The Soul Birth is not a complicated process, however requires a core focus (not of the mind) but of one’s inner guidance and patience. If one tries to “push” the process, one will not see the results they wish to achieve. In addition, when they do achieve it, they will know themselves through their inner journey will be reflected in their outer journey. One does not have to have a high level of spiritual knowledge or awareness, however this will certainly come from the development that takes place.


There are three sessions to this massive transformation with each part taking approximately two weeks of practice. Each part there is a discussion on the various elements to ensure that the person undertaking a Soul Rebirth has an understanding and awareness of the various elements required.

Session 1: What is a Soul Rebirth? (Week 1 - 9th January 2018)

Awareness and discussion takes place on the following aspects to gain a better understanding of what is a Soul Rebirth.

a) Understanding your Soul

b) Acceptance of “What Is”

c) Vibration Impacts

d) Connection with the Soul ("Soul Meditation"). “Prepare” the brain for a reduced role in your life and the real you take the lead i.e. use your brain when you need to and not have the mindless chatter. This is just a state of being and once this is achieved with a reasonable level of frequency, then one can progress on to the next Phase.

Session 2: Connection with Soul Mother (two weeks after Phase 1 - 23rd January 2018)

Awareness and discussion takes place on the following aspects to gain a better understanding who our Soul Mother (or Father as it is gender neutral).

a) Understanding existence

b) You as a “Soul Child” and your “Soul Family”

c) Connection with Your Soul Mother

This will be a similar meditation as under Phase 1, however a connection to your Soul Mother is achieved. This connection does not seek anything more than a connection as the connection is likely to shift your vibration and accepting and integrating this will take time.

Session 3: In-depth Integration of 1 and 2 (two weeks after Phase 2 - 6th February 2018)

Having undertaken a Soul connection and a Soul Mother connection, this stage takes both Phases and seeks to ensure all karma is dissolved through the activation or rebirth of your Soul’s core energies. The rebirthing process will seek to dissolve any energy that was not present at the Soul Birth.

a) Meditation associated with 1 and 2.

b) Dissolving energy blocks

c) Vibrational stability

d) Access to new tools

IMPORTANT NOTE: Following each session, the participant will require to ensure they undertake meditation between each phase to ensure they can participate fully and achieve the next phase.


The Meetup is hosted by me and I have many years in these types of events. If you have any questions, just text or call me on 07810182010


“Mahesh has a way of accessing & relaying information that is beyond what the human mind can rationalise.”

“A remarkable person who has the gift to transform and empower those who encounter him”

“The thing that I appreciate most about Mahesh and his support is that he is honest with you.”

“His deep level of care and concern is unlike anyone I have ever encountered”

“Through Mahesh Gordhan I found serenity, balance and got my life back.”


The price here is for all three sessions upfront and its only £65 (i.e. £10 less). You can pay one session at a time and it will be £25.


The Light Zone (my apartment), Apt B, 61 Compayne Gardens, NW6 3DB, London

  • Purchase of All Three Sessions
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