Sat, 27 Mar | East Sussex

Awakening Your Consciousness

Using cacao and plant based medicine.
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Awakening Your Consciousness

Time & Location

27 Mar, 17:00 – 28 Mar, 12:00
East Sussex, East Sussex, UK

About the Event

Would you like to access your coreself and release blockages in your life? Then consider attending a healing ceremony using cacao and plant based medicine to ensure you maximise the opportunity and progress in your development.



The ability to use cacao and plant based medicine intentionally can dramatically change our perception on life and free us from our negative emotions thereby empowering and deepening our positive life experience. Many have freed themselves of blocks, created a heightened awareness and shifted themselves into new levels of happiness.

Studies over many years undertaken plant based medicine have led to some profound understandings. A few study volunteers:

“I was full of love and joy and connection. It was an awesome outpouring of love … It really struck me vividly that love is home, it is natural and present when obstacles are removed”

“I am love, I am in love, love is in me, I breathe love, I am loved.”

Although not essential, the physical condition (body) has an impact on your ability to tune into the vibration of your core-self. The psychological or spiritual condition (mind) helps to set the potential in motion. Even though we talk of these as two parts, undoubtedly all parts of us make up the whole and are mutually dependent. The specific properties of plant based medicine assists us in creating a whole and balanced perspective of ourselves.


The event will be an overnight stay i.e. 5pm on Saturday to 12pm on Sunday. The agenda with approximate times:

4.30pm - 05.30pm: Arrived, meet and great hosts and other participants

5.30pm - 06.00pm: Presentation on the ceremony

6.00pm - 06.30pm: Measuring and consumption of the plant medicine

6.30pm - 08.30pm: Absorbing the plant medicine (may have some soup)

8.30pm - 12.30pm The Journey

12.30pm - 08.30am Sleep

8.30am - 10.00am Get ready and breakfast

10.00am - 12.00pm Share experiences

12.00pm Depart


The Body is a vessel. All what is put in the body, everything that is consumed, eaten, all physical activities we engage in, leave a trace in us creating an impact on our well-being. The body absorbs the elements from its surroundings, affecting us physically as well as energetically (mentally, psychologically and spiritually).

Think of your physical part as of a vessel in which you navigate the reality in a broader sense. The body is also a part of the energetic system that receives and transmits energy. It absorbs, filters, it can be clogged, blocked, saturated by what it consumes. Therefore the more clean is the body, the best energetic exchange with the environment is possible. That said, the better preparation we do before the ceremony, the higher your vibration and the more direct the connection to our core-self will arise during the ceremony. Physical preparation means to make the best effort within your capacity.

So, prepare yourself consciously for the ceremony:

Make sure you’ve had enough rest and you are in a clear state of mind. You might want to do some yoga or have a walk in nature for example, go with your own intuition what works for you.


Foods can enhance or reduce your abilities and it’s important to recognise this in at least 24 hours prior to the ceremony and this is to increase your vibration or the light energy.

A universal answer is – the lighter the better. That summarises to a nutrition with minimum or zero products of animal origin.

For at least two days before the ceremony it is important to avoid the following:

· Red/heavy meats (pork, beef, sheep, tuna, eel etc.)

· Alcohol and drugs

· Foods with lots of sugar or lots of fat

· Avoid heavily processed foods e.g. bread

· Hot spicy food, red pepper, etc

· Fermented food, pickles, herring, anchovy’s, old cheese, etc.

· Sexual interaction

You should consider having the juice of one orange each morning (squeeze the juice yourself)

Also, it is recommended to avoid these things for about two days after the ceremony for for the process of integration.


Main guideline is to quit using any medication that is not used for a life support. Whichever pharmaceutical products that function to suppress the symptoms are better to quit within a distance of a day before the ceremony. Most of the medications may be an unnecessary and may limit your experience, however please consult your Doctor.

If it’s not absolutely necessary, reduce the level or omit it for 24 hours prior to the ceremony. Keep in mind, whatever the causes for your ailments, the higher energy experience has a potential to cleanse the body and to provide an insight for a solution.

Some of the medications should not be stopped and could also be dangerous to stop, for example all antidepressants, SSRI’s and mood stabilisers are better to quit gradually before the ceremony, so that no traces of medication are present in the body at a time of ceremony.


The address is (final details provided a week prior to the event) :

East Sussex, United Kingdom

This is pristine English Countryside you drive down the track it is like travelling back in time. It is surrounded by wildlife, deer and pheasants and these are constant companions.

We welcome you between 4 – 5 pm on 27th March 2021 and will finish about 1pm on 28th March.


You can have a normal (but not too heavy) lunch on Saturday, after that it’s better not to eat anything anymore. Since a full stomach will affect the mushroom experience. If you really need something its best to have a light snack like some fruit. A lovely soup will be served after the ceremony. In the morning we enjoy a breakfast together and share our experiences.

All food preparation is holistically prepared and ingredients are organic.


There are a number of rooms and most beds are king size and you may be sharing a bed. If possible can, please bring a sleeping bag and an airbed. Finalised sleeping options will be provided prior to te event.


I will be leaving London by car and it is likely a few more people will take their cars. Parking places are available. The location is remote and public transport details will be provided in addition to having you collected.


The cost covers accommodation, meals (evening supper and breakfast), organic plant based medicine, ritual organic cacao.

£127 (£97 for unemployed). If you are unable to afford this and wish to come, please contact us!

If you have any further questions, feel free to get in contact with us.

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