Numbers 1 to 7 represent the Chakras

S. C. Universal was founded in June 2017 by Sri Gordhan after feedback from many of his clients and friends about how his products made them feel really good, essentially they felt happier! The products have been developed on the premise of creating more freedom and empowerment thereby leading to a more spiritually conscious human being. Sri seeks feedback from his clients and continuously enhances his products and expands the product range and working towards assisting a greater number of people. 

Sri has bought together the western philosophy of mind, body and spirit and blended this with the eastern philosophy of the Chakra Energy system, The essence of each product is built on the aspect of enhancing our well-being through normal sensory inputs such as touch, smell, sight (colour) enhanced with the well-known Reiki Energy.  The methodology behind each product has been channelled by Sri through his Ascended Master guides.  

Currently his product range consists of targeting the senses associated with smell and touch and over the coming months he expects to launch products associated with sight and sound..

Seven Crystal Bracelet for Balanced, Cleansed and Energised Chakras

The Chakra bracelet has seven high quality 10mm round crystals specifically chosen to meet an individual’s needs seven high quality 10mm round crystals crafted with a 1mm strong macrame polished thread.  The macrame woven band makes a strong bracelet and has a unisex appeal. Its adjustable clasp means that it can be put on and removed easily. 

An option exists for for a customer also has the option to choose 7 crystals from a selection 18 different types of energy enhancing crystals and have a tailored made and handcrafted bracelet to fully optimise to their customers energy body.

Seven Pure Oils Scents for Balanced, Cleansed and and Energised Chakras

The oil scents are made from pure essential oils and mixed in proportions to enhance the wearer's individual situation. There is currently one formula aimed at expanding the Heart Chakra in a very grounded way. 

The 10ml roll on bottle, in addition to being Reiki Energy infused, contains seven crystals chips (one associated with each Chakra) that are also used to further boost the oil scents ability to balance, cleanse and energise the Chakras. The 5 ml roll on bottle only conditions clear quartz crystal chip.

Some of the pure essential oils have been specifically selected (e.g. Lotus oil) due to the significantly enhanced overall benefit to a person's chakra system.

Sacred Geometry Pendants 

Sacred geometry pendants are known to impact a person wearing the pendant. The Egg of Life pendant (in 0.925 silver) results in the person feeling more expansive and lighter. This is a result of the Egg of Life representing the core energies of a person and is the basis of growth. The Flower of Life (in stainless steel) provides the person clarity, structure and a grounded feeling.

Further pendants (the Yantra, Metatron's Cube etc) together with additional options of stainless steel, silver and gold will become available.